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Apollo Ecigarette promotional codes for 2014

Among the great E-cig brands is Apollo e-cig. Apollo Ecigs is one of the E-cig brands that strongly dominate the market with their high quality E-cigarettes at a very affordable price.

About Apollo

Apollo is one of the oldest E-cig brands around that started in the year 2008. Modest and reliable, the Apollo e-cig product stands as one of the top E-cigarette brands around welcoming traditional tobacco smokers who wants to change to E-cigarettes with a high performing, affordable, stylish and easy to use E-cigarettes and even with Apollo cigs coupons at hand. It is one of the very few companies who have their own state of the art facilities and does not import products only. They’ve dedicated a research and development section for creating and refining new and impressive eCigs and eLiquids as well as to quality assess all their finish products to make sure that you’ll get only the best with each Apollo ecigs deliver. This is also the reason why they had been offering some unique and groundbreaking products such as their collection of fruity flavors as well as their voltaic batteries.

What we like best about Apollo e-cigarettes is that they provide a lifetime warranty on all their electronic components. Other top brands like Blu cigs offer relatively easy returns in order but Apollo’s warranty just go beyond because nothing can beat a lifetime warranty. Not to mention their terrific customer service team that would give you an easy time in everything that you need. The warranty is the cherry on top of solid craftsmanship, manufacturing, and technology.


Reviewing the design aspect of Apollo e-cigarettes is not easy as they offer different types and look of E-cigarettes. But as a whole, Apollo e-cigs design is fancy and sophisticated. It comes in a magnetically sealed box that really stands out from the rest. The E-cigarettes in the Standard and Extreme starter kit really looks like traditional cigarettes which beginners can enjoy while the ones at the eGO and Vtube kit boast state of the art looks that advanced vapers would love. Let us now check out the starter kits.

Starter Kit Selection and Prices Apollo offers four absolutely different starter kits, beginners and advanced vapers alike would have something for their taste.. When we say different we mean different as each starter kit provides you a different type of E-cigarette.

Standard Starter Kit The Apollo Standard Starter Kit is the very basic starter kit which sells at $69.95. Its style is a standard cig-a-like style meaning it is the same style, weight, size of traditional cigarettes which makes it perfect for beginners who are still adjusting into the world of E-cigarettes. The Standard Starter Kit is easy to use as it has the two part E-cig design. All you need to do is screw and unscrew the battery and the cartridge everytime you need to charge or refill the cartridge and then you can start vaping. One drawback of this kit is that the battery life is quite short than other brands with only around two hours of non-stop use. But fear not as a portable charger case comes with this kit which you can use to charge the batteries whenever and wherever you like.

Extreme Starter Kit The Apollo Extreme Starter Kit solved the problem of Standard Starter Kit. It now has a longer battery life which can last up to six hours non-stop and can be perfect for those beginners who are heavier smokers. Extreme Starter Kit sells at $54.95.

Superior eGo Kit For people who are looking for a stronger vaping experience, then you should choose to buy the Apollo eGo Kit for only $69.95. The eGo Kit is an eGo style E-cigarette meaning it has larger and more powerful batteries that can last up to 10hours non-stop (perfect for longer hours of vaping with really thick vapor production) plus it uses clearomizers instead of cartridges. Clearomizers are clear storage of E-liquids. Using clearomizers have a lot of advantages and one of them is that now you can easily see whether your E-liquid is low and not just guess.

VTube Kit V3.0 Last but definitely not the least, we’ve got the Apollo Vtube Kit 3.0 which sells at $119.95. The Vtube kit is the most powerful kit that Apollo offers. It has a Variable Voltage battery that can produce an out of this world vapor production and a full throat hit (you can have more control options with this kind of battery), a Pro Tank clearomizer which can handle more E-liquids and a carry case that can handle all these delicate materials into one place. This Vtube Kit is great for vaping enthusiast, experienced users and to all that are looking for more and stronger performance.

Flavor Apollo’s E-liquid are manufactures in the company’s facility in Northern California (an environment that is completely free of contaminants) so you are sure that it is 100% US made, freshly sealed and will undergo a strict quality compliance test (unlike other E-cig brands E-liquid that are just imported to other countries. The ingredients of the E-liquid includes 99% lab-grade nicotine, USP grade Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin, and kosher and food safe ingredients so you are also sure that what you are vaping is absolutely safe. The staffs at Apollo cigs lab came up with an awesome collection of 25 flavors. They have the usual traditional tobacco and menthol flavors in different varieties like Sahara, Marlboro, Mint Menthol and Traditional Menthol. And they have the exotic flavors too which include Citrus Fruit Punch, Coconut, Chocolate blend, Banana Cream, Blueberry and Raspberry Blend, Blueberry and Kona Coffee Blend, Cappuccino Flavor, Cherry Flavor, Cherry Limeade Flavor and many more. Apollo e-liquids are arguably some of the best on the market. People loves their fruity one of a kind flavors and this reputation has become Apollo’s primary selling point against competitors that offer more flourishes and take more chances with their product lines.

Overall Performance

Apollo E-cigarettes produce really thick vapor and nice throat hit that vapers all over the world can enjoy. The starter and extreme starter kit can produce decent vapors for beginners while the higher capacity eGo and Vtube kit can generate stronger vapor for those advanced vapers. We love how it already produce thick vapor in just a mild puff unlike other E-cig brands where you need to do hard puffs. We also love the way Apollo cigs already give out full performance even at your first puff unlike other E-cig brands where you need to do a few conditioning puffs first before getting great results. Moreover, if you choose to get the clearomizers, you’ll experienced superior flavors with every puff, thanks to the technology developed in house by the Apollo research and development staff.

Apollo is indeed a great brand for vapers of any type. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced vaper, you’ll have a product for your taste. So try an Apollo e-cig today and we are sure that you’ll never be disappointed. Enjoy!