karmaloopBuilding your wardrobe on a tight budget can be really challenging, what with trends coming and going. Learn to create a closet that can withstand short-lived trends. Here are 5 of the best tips to build a killer wardrobe without killing your savings:

Take Inventory

Before you run out to the shopping mall and hoard new clothes, first, make a list of what clothes you have. Start by going through your closet piece by piece. Make four piles – keep, toss, give away and fix.

  • FIX – If you find it incredibly difficult to let go of items with holes and rips, fret not! Bring them to the nearest alternation store for repair. Better yet, learn how to sew and salvage your items yourself.

  • GIVE AWAY - Items you’ve never worn for more than a year should not be kept in your closet. Why? Chances are you’ll never wear it. Put them to good use by trading them in or donating them to a nearby Salvation Army.

  • TOSS - For all items that seem to be beyond repair and alternation, toss it. There’s no reason holding on to items you would never wear again.

  • KEEP - In your "keep" pile, separate your clothes by category (shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, etc.) and then split them into color schemes (neutrals, neon’s, prints and etc.) That way, you can easily maneuver your way to your closet.

Stock your closet with the basics

We all make the mistake of succumbing to trends like peplum skirts and leopard prints. The smarter way to shop is to invest in classic,versatile pieces. Make sure to buy pieces that can be worn a multitude of different ways.

Know the colors that work for you

You should build your wardrobe around one or two colors that look best on you. Not sure what colors work for you? Look at the mirror. Try on several outfits and see for yourself which colors complement your hair, complexion and style. Once you have decided on a color or two to build around, you’re ready to go shopping!

Invest in good shoes

Shoes make or break an outfit, so always make sure your shoes work in your favor. You don't need dozens of pairs of shoes to look good. Five pairs that you really love will get you started - a nice pair of black pumps, a classic pair of black boots, a low-heeled sandal, a killer pair of sling-back heels and a casual skimmer.

Shop for Sales and Coupon Codes

The best way to save money is to shop when things are on sale. Even if it’s not sale season, you can still get discounts with the use of discount codes and promo codes. The Internet is a great resource for finding the best buys. Check out karmaloop.com and you’ll find that the site is quite generous when it comes to giving their customers karmaloop codes, rep codes, and promo codes all year round!

At the end of the day, the most important thing about building a wardrobe on a budget is to make sure you like what you wearing.

Author: Aimee Bacallaran

Posted about 7 years ago