Are you a die-hard couponer or just starting out? This may be a hobby or a necessity but either way, you have to know how to organize your coupons properly. Couponing can get pretty addicting, you collect and collect as much as you can with the hopes of saving money from all of your purchases. But, how can you make sure that you are effectively using all your coupons? This will boil down to how you organize your coupons through their expiration dates.

Some couponers tend to forget that different coupons have different expiration dates. In just one month, the coupons you have may expire on the 13th, 15th, 19th, 20th and so on. Keeping up with all the expiration dates can get crazy. You will need to check them constantly which can be time-consuming and too much of an effort.

First of all, online coupons usually have expiration dates a month to three months from the release. However, this isn’t always the case. There are online coupons that will be offered at a very limited time. For instance, there are high value coupons like allergy medications that you need to redeem within a week.

Second, a voucher’s expiration date is designed that way for a reason. That’s because the company wants to boost the sales of that specific product within the timeframe given. This may be due to trying to increase the sales while lowering the prices.

Last, when companies issue coupons to consumers, they have different reasons for this. One is that they want to launch a new product using a different offer, in which they will shorten the previous coupon redeemable time period. What you should know is that during such coupon offers, the temporary price reduction is covered by the store. This is already a reduction in the revenue they will get. So, if they are planning for an upcoming sale, they should time the release of the coupons properly. It won’t make sense to offer discount promo codes and then have a sale at the same time.

Different companies have different promotional strategies. So it's highly likely that your coupon expiration dates will overlap. The best way to avoid wasting any coupon, organize them properly and keep a calendar of the expiration dates that you can always check. Using online vouchers can deliver huge savings especially for groceries and other household needs.

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Posted almost 7 years ago