pingo phone reviewSo why choose Pingo? I’m a Pingo user myself and I can tell you straight that for years I found it to be very reliable and dependable. As far as I'm concerned, it is not a fraud company. It even sends me email about deals and discounts regularly and I of course always take advantage of those and make sure I use it. At the end of the day, I will prefer to spend pennies for minutes of calls than a large sum at the end of the month with AT&T. To make it even clearer to you on why you should choose Pingo and avail their discount coupons today, here is a list of the Pros of Pingo.

  • They offer trial offers that will allow you to try their service for free. If you don't like their service, you can cancel the card during the trial period and you will not lose any money.
  • They offer special coupons, deals and discounts where you can talk for many hours in just a very small amount, some will even let you pay nothing
  • Their first-class service offers international and long distance calling to over 100 countries.
  • Great online account management with Quick pin-less dialing and mobile apps.
  • Web calls are from 200+ countries are only 1.75¢/minute only.
  • You’ve got a choice to choose their auto recharge facility so you’ll never be disconnected even if you have inadequate funds.
  • Customer support is 99% better than other competitors.
  • Offers a simple rate plan that includes only 3 elements: per minute rates, a monthly maintenance fee, and payphone surcharges. No need for complications.
  • Offers a great referral program. $5 for each friend you refer and $20 for 3 friends.

The bottom line is that offers the best all around calling card plan in the market today. They have a wonderful service and the rates are incredibly low. We strongly recommend these Pingo coupons available today which will amount to even more cost savings for you. So grab it now.

Posted about 7 years ago