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Computer users are put at high risk for malicious software infection every time they visit websites, chat with friends, download files from the Internet, open email attachments, launch various applications and even, shop online. Malicious software generally refers to viruses, spyware or any potentially harmful software that are programmed to run automatically without the need to be prompted.

These malicious software infections affect computer systems in different ways – from causing sudden freezing to allowing applications to close unexpectedly. It can even allow unwanted popups, redirect your home and search page, block the Internet completely, delete and modify system and user files and many more unwanted malicious behavior.

If you are unsure whether your computer is infected with any form of malicious software, here are obvious signs and symptoms:

  • You see new toolbars, links, or favorites that you did not intentionally install to your Web Browser
  • You notice that your home page, mouse pointer, or search program changes unexpectedly.
  • You are redirected to a different website, even if you enter a different website.
  • You notice that files get deleted from your computer.
  • Your computer is used to attack other computers.
  • You see pop-up ads, even if you're not on the Internet.
  • Your computer suddenly starts running more slowly than it usually does.

While not all computer performance problems are caused by malicious software, they significantly change the settings of your operating system. Malicious software definitely affects every PC user – whether you are using Windows, Apple or Linux. These viruses or spywares are transmitted through e-mails, web pages, networks, and digital media such as USB Flash drives and CDs.

We Recommend Norton and Here's Why...

It is crucial to equip your computer with software that protects your system against malicious software. Norton 360 is an antivirus program that is manufactured by Symantec Corporation. It is designed to protect your computer from any unwanted malicious software attacks that will alter the normal processing of your operating systems.

Norton 360 can scan your PC in two ways: either manually or automatically. If you set the program to automatically scan your PC, it can be configured to scan certain files or documents. You may also choose to scan any web files that you are accessing online. If you are constantly connected to the Internet, it is recommended to set your software to an automatic setting so that it is working in the background to keep viruses from attacking your PC.

The program is also equipped with a live update feature that automatically updates your PC with the latest virus definitions. Doing so allows you to update your software regularly to fully eradicate the latest viruses and malware from your PC.

While most people question the effectiveness of antivirus software, there is no harm in equipping your computer with a reliable antivirus program for extra protection. Norton 360 provides computer users with a full year of protection for a very affordable rate. It is also very easy-to-use and simple to install, plus it requires no technical know-how to get it to work hard for you!

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Posted about 7 years ago