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About E-Cigarettes

Green Smoke® e-cigs have a simple two piece construction. Like many other competing vapes it has a rechargeable battery and a "FlavorMax™" Cartomizer. These are designed to provide one of the thickest puffs in the industry. Each cartomizer smokes the equivalent of about 30 regular tobacco cigarettes. Like many other e-cigs their cartomizers provide you a odor free, cigarette butt free and ash free experience. Smoke or "vape" where cigarette smoking is banned. Of course use responsibly.

Green Smoke E-Cig Discounts

Greensmoke is considered to be one of the big players in the electronic cigarette industry, and there is no denying the brand’s commercial success in the rapidly growing market of electronic cigarettes. The Greensmoke kits, which you can get in a discounted price using Greensmoke coupon codes we provided above, each come with different contents. The complete package is impressive, containing all the equipment you need. The company has clearly put considerable effort into designing the package. Everything looks top notch, from the containers to the logo. These little details give credit to Greensmoke’s marketing strategy, making the product looking good and easier to sell.

Greensmoke Review and Greensmoke Coupon Codes

Greensmoke’s batteries use a short and long battery. Obviously, the short one will not last long in case of heavy vapers, but when trying to be discreet, it serves its purpose. Both batteries perform superbly, with the switch activating at the slightest drag. The sturdiness of the device is far superior to any of its similarly designed counterparts out in the market today. It can still perform just as good after rolling off a desk and hitting the floor a few times.

Greensmoke claims of being the ‘industry leader in smoke volume,’ meaning it promises to produce clouds of vapor when used giving you the most likely closest experience to smoking real cigarettes. According to surveys they really are. The device produces volume of vapor because of the combination of its maxflavor cartridges and their strong batteries.

One key feature of the Greensmoke e-cigarette is its cartomizer which contains the cartridge holding the flavor and nicotine and the atomizer. It is the only brand that produces maxflavor cartridges where the flavors are maximized at its best. The combination of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin work really well with the maxflavor cartridges, however, the company only released a limited selection of flavors to choose from (including absolute tobacco, red label tobacco, tobacco gold, menthol ice, mountain clove, mocha mist, vanilla dreams, and smooth chocolate). But if you’re more into traditional tobacco flavors, you’ll surely enjoy its selection as their tobacco flavors closely resembles the taste of your favorite traditional cigarette brands.

The company’s customer service has a reputation of providing top notch assistance to its clients. This is a huge factor for consumers that use e-cigarette products, which always come up in reviews published in print or online. It boosts a company’s reputation if issues about the product are handled smoothly.

The good news is you can save money by getting a discount in purchasing a kit through Greensmoke coupons and retrieve Greensmoke discount coupon codes above. Get 5% to 25% off on your purchases.

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