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October 2019 Coupons

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    Use only with starter kits! Make your purchase for starter kits on a separate transaction as this will not discount non-starter kit items such as stand alone flavor cartridges, batteries, etc.
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    Save 10% When You Shop Vapor Couture on all products and accessories. Use with non-starter kit purchases.

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If you’re looking for a sexy alternative to cigarette smoking, make the switch to e-cigarettes with Vapor Couture!

Vapor Couture Starter Kit Review - What's Inside?

vapor couture starter kit coupon code

vapor couture starter kit coupon code

About Vapor Couture, VMR Products (V2 cigs Line)

The Vapor Couture unique line was designed with chic, on-the-go women in mind.

A sister company of the popular V2 Cigs brand, Vapor Couture combines the robust technology of V2 Cigs with chic designs and stylish accessories.

Vapor Couture is the only vapor cigarette brand created entirely for women, and the latest brand to be launched by VMR Products.

VMR operates and manages their three brands - V2 Cigs, Vapor Couture and Vantage Vapor - in the United States, Canada and the Czech Republic. They are considered America’s #1 e-cigarette retailer as they work extremely hard to design, manufacture and distribute top-quality e-cigarettes to customers all over the world.

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Slim, elegant and available in four distinct shades, Vapor Couture is not simply a premium product – it’s also an eye-catching accessory.

The Vapor Couture line of vapor cigarettes features an ultra-thin, jewel-tipped rechargeable battery with flavor cartridges available in four complementary colors.

vapor couture accessories coupon code

Each of the six distinctive Vapor Couture cartridge flavors was especially hand-picked to appeal to a woman’s refined palate. With bracelets, charms and a must-have clutch, Vapor Couture has everything a girl needs to show off her e-cigs in style!

vapor couture accessories coupon codes

vapor couture cartridges

If you’re interested in getting one of your own Vapor Couture e-cigarettes, we have limited coupons that allow you to enjoy such a great product at the fraction of its original price!

What makes Vapor Couture A Great Buy?

-Delicious Flavors

Vapor Couture offers a total of 6 introductory flavors to choose from:

Ø If you’re yearning for the taste of Marlboro or Pall-Mall, the Rodeo Drive makes for the perfect choice!

Ø If you’re an American Spirit or a Winston kind of girl, Vapor Couture’s signature Bombshell flavor may be your best bet.

Ø If you’re looking for an icy sensation, the Fresh Mint flavor may just tickle your fancy.

Ø If you want to experiment with other exciting tropical flavors, go for Passion Fruit, Strawberry Champagne or Arctic Mint.

2 Day Sales and VC Coupon Codes!

Vapor Couture along with it's sister company realeases Huge savings discounts and sales. The discounts often hit 25% off to 35% off and are valid with any vapor couture coupon code! Don't miss out on these because they definitely remind you to stock up and help your wallet grow, well at least maybe slow it from shrinking ;) .

Best in Class Quality

Every Vapor Couture product is designed by skilled engineers that make sure you get your money’s worth and more. They take safety and quality very seriously, that’s why all Vapor Couture e-liquids are subjected to rigorous, comprehensive chemical testing to ensure consistency and product safety.

100% Money Back Guarantee

The makers of Vapor Couture are so confident you would be satisfied with your experience with their products, that’s why they offer a 100% money back guarantee on all their E-Cigarette Starter Kits. No questions asked!

Vapor Couture Discount Codes

We have discount vouchers that allow you to purchase your very own Vapor Couture e-cig at 10%-15% savings automatically! Watch out for deals and specials as we update them as we receive it.

Maximize your discount using coupon codes for starter kits and non-starter kits:

Vapor Couture Promo Codes and Special Offers

What are you waiting for? Take advantage of this special offer by using one of our coupon codes now! Trust us when we say you would not regret ditching your cancer sticks! Don't forget to visit their brother site V2cigs. The v2 cigs coupon code will apply to both Vapor Couture and V2.

Vapor Couture electronic cigarettes coupons